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Lofi DIY
cat in windowsill

Make your own beats!

Impress your friends, or even the cat in the windowsill.

No music experience is needed to edge your way into the next Lofi Beats playlist by the end of this 90-minute workshop. Under the guidance of music pros, learn the techniques used in the industry to create the chill tracks that make such great flow state companions. At the end, each team will have their own playlist of royalty-free lofi beats for working, relaxing, and sharing with friends. Available virtually or at your location (Bay Area, California).


Check out what Ray made in one of our workshops:

Nate’s short and fun course will make you realise that we can all tap into our creativity to make something beautiful with simple and accessible tools. By the end we were all grooving on the tunes we created
Bhavesh L.
Product Manager, Salesforce
This was a really fun and engaging activity! I really enjoyed hearing the beats my colleagues put together. Nate expertly walked us through the experience and gave helpful musical tips along the way that enabled us to better express ourselves. I highly recommend! We all left feeling accomplished and now have our own playlist!
Tawny T.
Research Manager, Meta
It can be hard to step away from a busy day, or find ways to dedicate time to ourselves in the midst of routine. Lofi DIY gave me an opportunity to learn something new, from scratch, which is so fun, frustrating, exciting, and valuable. Nate is able to create engaging spaces, where even those who have no background in music (like myself) can end up creating something pretty great for themselves. You will walk away with a lofi mix that is exactly what you are looking for, because it comes from you. Totally recommend this experience!!
Julieth D.
Julieth D.
Instructional Designer, Faculty, College of San Mateo
Happy people in a Zoom meeting

Up to 8 people …….. $400

9-16 people: …………. $720

17-24 people: ……….. $960

More than 24 people: …. Let’s talk

For in-person workshops, travel fees may apply.