5-Day Composition Challenge, April 29-May 3, 2024

Compose an instrumental in a DAW or notation software and win prizes. Beginners are welcome!

The challenge has begun!

Hi! We’re Nate May and Susie Ling, composers who run an online school for music creators called Synthase. We’re about to launch a membership for aspiring composers called the Synthase Composers Academy.

To celebrate the launch, you’re invited to a free 5-day challenge April 29-May 3rd, 2024 to walk you through the process of making a new instrumental from start to finish in a DAW or notation software.

And yes, we know there’s no one process for composing.

In fact even if you’re a seasoned composer you’ve probably never used this process before. We designed it to be fun, collaborative, and forgiving, without limiting the potential for what you create.

It’s inspired by a piece called In C by the pioneering composer Terry Riley. This piece uses repeated cells to build up a groove in a flexible, modular way.

We’ll show you how to pump out little cells of music, share them with everyone else, and then arrange, layer, and shape them together in a way that’s 100% you.

To support you, we’re giving you free access to instructional videos, downloads, livestreams, and a Discord community for all five days. We’ll also be giving away prizes to lucky participants.

You can use any DAW or notation software as long as it can work with MIDI. No software? No worries! We’ll show you how to do everything with free, browser-based tools.

Just fill in your info below to sign up.

See you soon!

Synthase Composers Academy