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Beyond the instrument

Partnerships for Music Teachers and Schools

Updated for Summer 2023

Rewards for you and your students.

Partnering with Synthase means expanding your ecosystem of support for your students as skilled and fulfilled musicians. You choose which of our online lessons and classes supplement your own, and when one of your students signs up, they get a discount and you get a monetary reward.

Our Approach

Skills for the whole musician.

Our lessons and classes are designed to dovetail with instrumental lessons, addressing the theory, aural skills, and musicianship that busy teachers can’t cover. Through a combination of standards-based and project-based learning, we inspire students to reap the rewards of their own musical growth.

Creativity at the core.

We believe that humans are born with the ability to create music, and we infuse the act of making into every curriculum. For those students who have already found a passion for composition and improvisation, we open up a magnitude of connections and possibilities. For the rest, we offer accessible creative tasks that affirm their individuality and invite it into their music-making.

Diverse backgrounds, diverse pathways.

In a room of twenty people, the word “music” will evoke twenty different worlds of sound and feeling. By affirming where our students are coming from and respecting where they want to go, we help students contribute to the musical communities they care about. At the same time, no path worth following is a straight line, and we’re always challenging students to expand their ears to listen in new ways.

The Partnership

Schools and teachers across the US have partnered with us because it’s simple, rewarding, and risk-free.

1. Choose the lessons and classes you want to recommend to your students.

You never have to recommend a lesson or class that conflicts with one that you offer in-house.

2. Choose the discount amount you want to give them.

Each time a student spends $200 or more in a given trimester we set aside a certain amount of money. You decide how much of that goes back to the student in a form of a discount, and the rest goes to you in the form of a reward.

3. Tell your students about what we do.

We’ll build you a webpage with your recommended classes listed and the discount pre-loaded. Send it to your students and they can sign up directly from that page.

Private Lesson Types

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What Our Partners Say

Signing up takes 5-10 minutes. Are you ready?

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