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It's Wordle for Chords.
Chordle: A Daily Chord Game

Like millions of others, I’ve been obsessed with Wordle over the past couple of months.

At some point it occurred to me that it could work quite well with chords instead of words: guessing a four-note chord could mean trying out different four-note chords, keeping the notes you want and replacing the ones you don’t want. It’s all quite similar to what I do when I’m writing chord progressions and looking for common tones.

So I stretched my javascript skills and built it, with the help of 40 volunteer testers who showed interest early on. It’s totally free to play and there’s a new chord every day. It’s fun and it helps you practice building chords.

Afterwards you can share your score using the same cryptic blobs as Wordle (except circles because we’re all about circles).

Within 15 hours of posting on Facebook, Chordle had been played on every continent except Antarctica. If you want to check it out:

Play Chordle here!

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