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GK Piano

Online Lessons and Classes

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GK Piano has partnered with Synthase to offer an engaging way to learn valuable music skills to support and supplement your piano lessons. Students from across the country will come together in small online classes to learn theory, composition, musicianship, and music technology over the course of thirteen weeks in the spring of 2023. All are taught by passionate educators with advanced degrees from the world’s top music programs.

All classes are available to students aged 13 and up.

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AP Music Theory Group Tutoring

This class serves students preparing to take the AP Theory exam through their home institution. Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses, and reinforce skills through practice and activities. Topics covered include scales, chords, modes, harmony, voice leading, and form. Requirements: computer, webcam + microphone, speakers or headphones, MIDI keyboard, textbook: Barron’s AP Music Theory.

amateur composer, arranger playing midi keyboard synthesizer for recording instrument track on computer. music production concept

Music Makers Lab

We’ll take songs apart and try to put them back together, and in the process learn tools and concepts that can help us make new songs of our own. By the end, you’ll have original tracks to share with the world, plus an understanding of theory and music technology that can help you get to the next level. This class is based in a Digital Audio Workstation and prior experience with music is not required. Requirements: computer, webcam + microphone, headphones, MIDI keyboard.

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Musicianship for the 21st Century

The 20th century saw people from all over the world converge in America’s cities, and recording technology allowed sound to play a role that only symbols on paper could play before. All of this changed how we engage with music and how makers make it. This class will develop the aural, theoretical, technical, and creative skills that creative musicians need today. Progression through the curriculum will provide the chance to earn certificates and develop a portfolio of creative projects. Prior experience with music is not required. Requirements: computer, webcam + microphone, speakers or headphones, MIDI keyboard.

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Composition Lab

Students learn how to write for various instruments, analyze exciting works of music to learn what makes them tick, and compose pieces of their own. The class culminates in recording sessions with a professional performer. This class requires some instrumental/vocal experience and knowledge of music notation. Requirements: computer, webcam + microphone, speakers or headphones.

All group classes meet twelve times for 55 minutes each.

February 6: Last Day to Register

February 13: Classes Begin

March 27-31: Spring Break (no classes)

May 12: Last Day of Classes

All classes are $350, billed through Grant Kondo.

Join us on Zoom to learn more about the classes and meet the educators! Click the links below to register.

December 18, 2022 at 1-2:30pm Pacific

January 15, 2023 at 1-2:30pm Pacific

February 5, 2023 at 1-2:30pm Pacific

To enroll in classes please contact Grant Kondo directly.