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Synthase is an online music school that cultivates 21st century creative skills and practice.

For Music Learners

Our goal for students is musical fluency. We take lots of different approaches to work toward that goal.

We have some great free resources:

And even better paid resources:

We also have live online lessons and group classes (and they’re not just about chords). Classes are now in session for the Spring 2023 term, and our Summer 2023 classes have been announced!

For Teachers and Schools

We serve as a floating composition and theory team for a variety of teachers and schools, enriching their existing programs with lessons and classes that would not otherwise be available to their students. We have two models for how that partnership can look:

  • Music schools and independent vocal/instrumental teachers offer seats in our lessons and classes to their students. Students receive a discounted rate and teachers or schools receive a portion of their enrollment fee.
  • For larger institutions, we teach private online classes for their students, customizing them to meet the needs of the school.

Who we are

Synthase was founded in 2021 by Nate May while completing his doctorate in composition at the Yale School of Music. The following year he was joined by Huijuan Ling, a Ph.D. candidate in composition at Duke. Both are passionate educators with innovative and student-centered approaches to passing on a love and understanding of music.

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