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Day 1: Generate

Create small “cells” of music. Think of these cells as little building blocks that lock into a groove or a flow with other building blocks. 

Day 2: Arrange

Take a handful of these building blocks and let your creative juices flow. Mix and match your own ‘cells’ or use a combo of your own creations and your peers’! 

Day 3: Orchestrate

Dive headfirst into choosing the sound you want — timbre, color, and vibes. EDM, Classical, Classic House, winds, strings, brass, percussion, or electronic sounds — flex your unique skills and preferences. 

Day 4: Fine-Tune

The devil’s in the details… we’ll guide you through fine-tuning your work to make sure you LOVE your creation! 

Day 5: Share

Bask in the glory of your finished piece, share it with your peers, and listen to others! 


(Oh, and don’t forget about the special gift on day 5!) 


Beginner to early-advanced composers who want to ‘up’ their skills in music writing, get customized feedback from professionals, and be a part of a supportive community of like-minded musicians. 

Synthase 5-Day Composition Challenge Is For Anyone Ages 13+ Who: 

  • Fell in love with video game, film, or classical music and started figuring out how to make it yourself. 
  • Is actively studying music performance or education and have started composing as well. 
  • Is already a music pro (teacher, producer, arranger, songwriter, performer), and you’ve expanded into composition. 
  • Used to compose, took a hiatus, but is getting back into the game. 


Susie and Nate

We’re composers, keyboardists, and educators with international performances, awards, and doctorates in composition from Yale and Duke. Other than that, we’re pretty different:

Nate grew up in West Virginia and studied jazz before playing in bands, scoring a feature documentary (seen on PBS), and integrating electronic and acoustic music.

Susie (Huijuan) grew up in Hunan province in China, attended Shanghai Conservatory from the age of twelve, and went on to an award-winning career of solo, chamber, and orchestral music.We have a passion for helping young (and not so young!) composers build their skillset and compose with confidence. 

We can’t wait to meet you inside the Academy! 

~ Nate & Susie